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It has advanced kilns, equipped with imported Spanish inkjet printing machines, and a fully equipped high-end laboratory and product design room.The company has always adhered to the scientific development, continuous innovation after years of careful crafting, stable product performance, excellent reputation, sales network throughout the country, the establishment of more than 400 first-class agents and more than 1,000 second and third-tier distributors, sales network covering Guangdong, Hainan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang and other 31 provinces in the country, the market share and product coverage has increased year by year, creating the industry's marketing The market share and product coverage are increasing year by year, creating a marketing miracle in the industry. And widely exported to South Korea, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and so on.

Porcelain tile process is divided into two kinds:

(1) dry method: the second fabric (brick blanks on the cloth thin material) - pressing - drying - surface decoration (inkjet bleed, effect glaze, etc.) - -Firing - polishing - anti-fouling treatment
(2) Wet method: fabric - pressing - drying - slurry - drying --Surface decoration (inkjet bleed, effect glaze, etc.) - firing - polishing - antifouling treatment
Glazed tile process:
Fabric - pressing - drying - surface (bottom) glaze - surface decoration (inkjet, silk screen, roller) --Transparent glaze (effect glaze) - firing - polishing - anti-fouling treatment

General Building Ceramics

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